Sligro-ISPC supplies food service companies in Belgium with a complete range of fresh, food and non-food products.

Sligro and ISPC’s merger has created a highly professional food service company in Belgium which effectively makes use of the knowledge and expertise they have each built up over the years. We’re working on a combination of the best of both worlds, fully adapted in line with the Belgian food professional’s needs and demands.

The very first Sligro-ISPC branch opened in Antwerp in the autumn of 2018. Branches in Ghent and Liège also continued under the same name from the spring of 2020.


Each Sligro-ISPC site has 13 departments, each with a specific product range. We provide both an experience and inspiration with excellent products in the open delivery service locations. A customer-friendly ordering system and advanced, air-conditioned trucks ensure our unique products and services are delivered both quickly and correctly.


Fresh partners

We work together with a number of fresh produce partners, which allows us to offer our customers the very best quality. They all have their own speciality. This ensures no valuable knowledge is lost and that the quality of the freshest products remains guaranteed. Meet our fresh partners!

Logo SmitVis


SmitVis can supply top quality fish due to a daily supply from the large fish auctions.


Logo SmitVis


Smeding has been a potatoes, vegetables and fruit supplier for 80 years.


Logo Hunt


Hunt supplies a delicious range of game and poultry.


Logo Kaldenberg


Slagerijen Kaldenberg has specialised in processing quality meat since 1959.